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Below are some blog posts I’ve made. Check them out!

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So, Until further notice, this blog is closed. My older brother stumbled into to wonderful (sarcasm) world of h3nta1, and our parents found it and blew a gasket, as they should. So they deiced to ban anime as a whole, along with manga and light novels. Check out my second blog, Ally’s Reading Cave,( thatContinue reading “IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!”

Happy New Year!

( Author’s note: Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted so, sorry about that. I’ll try to be on as much as possible this year as my new year’s resolution, because when you follow a blog, you probably expect posts at least once a week or so, and i deeply apologize for not postingContinue reading “Happy New Year!”


Hi, it’s been a while. Anyway, a lot of family stuff has been going on, my great grandmother past away, so we had her service to attend, then my dad’s foot has been hurting so we’ve been going to the doctor for that, and it’s just been a lot so i keep forgetting to comeContinue reading “Hello”


This blog, AnimeStuff, is from this point on in co-ownership between me and my brother, Daniel. We decided that he pays for the premium with his allowance so that we can get paid to run ads and save up for something big. So, wish us luck! And please, don’t forget to donate if you enjoyContinue reading “ANNOUNCEMENT”

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